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The Process

All grants to be considered require an application form to be completed. We have 4 different application forms which are all available on the website. These are School/PTA Application Form, Individual Student Application Form, Community Group Application Form and Crisis Application Form.


In some cases, the Grant Sub-committee may request additional information from the grant applicant, which will help the Trustees to make a decision with all the necessary information.


Once an application form is received, the Applications Coordinator will share relevant information with the Grant Sub-committee who will consider the application and if deemed necessary will then be distributed to the Trustee Board for approval.


If the Board wishes to award the grant, the Applications Coordinator will inform the grant applicant and request payment information. If payment information is not received within 21 days of the request, the Trustees may decide not to award the grant and the funds may be allocated elsewhere.


Grants will be paid out as soon as possible by the Application Coordinator.


Application forms should be downloaded from the website, completed and emailed to the Applications Coordinator -


If applicants are unable to download, print or email the Polehampton Charity, applicants should contact Wokingham United Charities for assistance. You will find their contact information on their website -


After a Grant has been received


The Charity asks that, if appropriate, a grant recipient share some feedback with the Applications Coordinator, about the benefit they had from receiving the grant and the difference it made.  This is so that the Charity can share the impact and benefit that the Charity has made for the community and to make the community more aware of its existence and the benefit it offers.


Review of this policy


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Board of Trustees.

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