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Crisis Grant

Crisis grant applications can be made at any time across the calendar year, and are completely confidential. A Crisis Grant will normally be considered up to a maximum of £1000, except in exceptional circumstances which the Trustees can consider at their discretion.  The Trustees aim to come back to the Applicant as quickly as possible with a decision as to whether to award the grant.


Grant applications will not be considered for the following:
- Medical treatment
- Medical equipment
- Therapeutic equipment
- Therapeutic treatment
- Dental needs
- Attending sporting events
- Accommodation at, and travel to sporting events
- Funding for extra-curricular classes


Crisis grants have previously been given for these items:


  • fridge/freezer (essential living item), washing machine (essential living item), bed.


If an applicant is requesting a grant to assist with the cost of living, applications can only be made by an individual once in any 12-month period, and normally have a ceiling amount of £250.


If a Grant application is received from an individual requesting financial assistance to enable a child to attend a school trip, the Charity has the right to check with the school regarding the need and request relevant information.


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